Maybe you’re considering a Shiatsu treatment or you have an appointment and you’re not really sure about it? I’ve contacted the RIVM today asking them how safe it is to give Shiatsu treatments. The answer was: yes, but… after which the well known conditions followed. Which I’m going to stick to from today:
🔴 Do you feel under the weather, feverish, hot, dizzy, you have coughs, sneezes, or you’ve been in contact with someone carrying the corona-virus? Don’t have Shiatsu !
🔴 Cancelling an appointment is for free up until 24 hours before the treatment.
🔴 Cancel by app or text message on 06 – 1543 2075.
🔴 At your arrival and departure I will ask you to wash your hands, don’t take that personally. I wash my hands before and after every treatment. After every treatment I change the cover of the headrest and the cover of the Shiatsu mat.
🔵 Of course I will not give a treatment if I’m feeling unwell myself. I will notify you in time.
🔵 Do contact me in case you’re not sure. Keep an eye on this website, things may change again.
🔵 As a reminder: Shiatsu treatments can be supportive in emotional or physical pain, limitations, weaknesses or fear. They help you keep your balance so that you stay connected to your inner strength and energy. They calm and relax the nervous system so that your immune system stays in shape. Stress weakens the immune system, and Shiatsu helps you to de-stress.
So enjoy your Shiatsu treatment !

March 17, 2020