I would like your attention for something that was already in place pre-Covid: if you have a cold, are coughing, sneezing or you’re having a fever, please cancel your appointment. It’s not pleasant to be in the Shiatsu chair or on the mat in those situations. With a fever your body has other important things to do than having a Shiatsu treatment. Of course there’s also the risk of a Covid contamination. So I’ll stick to my habit of sending you an app the day before our appointment to ask if you’re healthy and your housemates as well and if you’ve not been in touch with a Covid patient. Rest assured that I will cancel the appointment if I do not feel fit.     

As always: to make an appointment call, app 06 – 1543 2075 or email dorine@shiatsu-massage-tans.nl.
See you soon! 


September 18, 2021