Shiatsu is Japanese for finger pressure (shi = finger, atsu = pressure).

Shiatsu stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine which is itself rooted in Taoism, being about 2500 years old.
Shiatsu uses the same meridians, or energy channels, as acupuncture. Climate, weather, diet, lifestyle, work, strain, stress etc. can cause blockages in the meridians. These blockages can express themselves in physical as well as mental  complaints of all kinds.
The blockages can be eliminated by massaging with fingers, hand, foot, elbow or knee, and complaints can diminish considerably.

The Shiatsu chair is a low level, comfortable way of getting a treatment. It can also brought in for treatments on the work floor or in  the office.

What can Shiatsu do for you?
* it relieves neck, shoulder and back pains
* it supports the healing process
* it helps regain balance
* it relaxes
* it relieves stress
* it energizes.

It can be very helpful in relieving pain in several types of rheumatism, RSI, headaches, Lyme-disease; it can relieve sleeping problems, ADHD, burnout,  menstrual problems etc.

In case of fever or coagulation disorders it is advised not to receive Shiatsu; and in case of thrombosis or malignant tumors only after deliberation with your attending doctor.